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Engage influential decision makers on brand-safe, premium digital media in captive environments including lobby and elevator advertising.

Customizable solutions tailored to your brand goals across multiple touchpoints along the consumer journey.

Office Screens

Captivate Office Logo

Highly targeted digital signage that engages modern professionals at the office during the workday.  

In-office advertising on lobby and elevator media displays in premier office buildings influences decision-makers.  All new Captivate | SCAN safety displays extend reach on vital health check kiosks welcoming professionals back to the office safely.

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Captivate Residential - Wellness Solution

 Reach upscale consumers with spending power at home where purchase decisions are made. 

Network of digital media displays powered by IHN Media are located in elevators of high-end residential buildings in Vancouver reach residents multiple times throughout their day.

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Captivate Windowfront®, powered by FrontRunner Technologies, allows you to capture audiences through a comprehensive digital out-of-home experience.

Transform vacant commercial real estate into vibrant, large-format digital displays throughout high-traffic city centres across Canada.

Advertise in rideshare vehycles

Connect with young, on-the-go consumers along path to purchase in rideshare vehicles.

Powered by Portl Media, this unique digital media experience is available in Uber and Lyft vehicles in Toronto & Vancouver.

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Captivate Cross Device Advertising Solution

 Partnership with MiQ maximizes engagement by retargeting viewers on laptop, tablet & mobile devices to increase frequency for better ad resonance and drive action at point of consideration and conversion.  

48% of smartphone users are more likely to click on a mobile ad after being exposed to the same ad on DOOH first
(Source: MediaPost)

Captivate Ski

Target upscale, active consumers enjoying a day on the slopes.

High visibility advertising powered by SKiRON engages skiers and snowboarders on the hill and in the lodge at top ski resorts.


Programmatic activation through DSP of your choice including data-driven targeting solutions 

Captivate Programmatic DSP options | VISTA MEDIA, Adobe, Hivestack, Adelphic


Leverage Captivate’s expertise to increase engagement with custom campaigns tailored to your brand’s target audience & goals.  

Captivate Elevator Screens in Canada Custom Content Solutions

Uncluttered Environments Allows Creative To Breakthrough

Quality Audience

Captive Environments


Brand Safe Platform

Digital Advertising In Top Markets Representing
The Most Purchasing Power

Canadian market

Source: Nielsen 2018

Captivate LIFT LogoThird-party research measures campaign efficacy & audience satisfaction.

Brand Studies


Alida (formerly Vision Critical) Brand Studies deliver custom insights from a proprietary panel of business professionals. Metrics include campaign measurement & ongoing category/industry analysis.

Proven ROI For Advertising Partners:
49% Recall   |   47% Effectiveness
42% Purchase Intent   |   21% Drive to Web

Attribution Solutions

Website Lift

Measure website visitation as a result of campaign
(Pixel Required)

Metrics Measured:

View-Through Rates, Conversions

MIQ and Captivate

In-Store Visitation

Track viewers by passively following mobile devices to retail locations after exposure to Captivate

Metrics Measured:

Store Visits, Conversions

MIQ and Captivate

App Downloads

Measure app downloads/activity through an SDK or server-to-server

Metrics Measured:

# Of Downloads, Post-Install Activity

Kochava: Mobile App Analytics & Mobile Attribution Platform

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