Captivate LLC and FrontRunner Technologies Announce Partnership and New Product Offering, Captivate Windowfront®

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, January 25, 2022 –  Captivate, North America’s leading location-based digital video network, today announced the launch of Captivate Windowfront® –  a strategic sales representation partnership with FrontRunner Technologies, with a focus on the Canadian marketplace.

Captivate Windowfront®, powered by FrontRunner Technologies, is a state-of-the-art media product that transforms vacant urban building fronts into digital out-of-home screens. This partnership combines Captivate’s ad sales expertise with FrontRunner’s projection technology to deliver large format digital advertising solutions at scale within major Canadian urban centres. Leveraging FrontRunner’s projection technology, along with its audio and light recognition platform, this product empowers advertisers to turn prime street-level real estate into immersive content.

“This partnership represents an impactful expansion for Captivate, and extends our Canadian offering into a whole new territory,” said Barbara Huggett, General Manager of Captivate Canada. “Captivate delivers access to valuable audiences, and our ability to target foot traffic in high-density urban cores signals a new era in digital out-of-home here in Canada. We are thrilled to bring such a groundbreaking innovation to the advertising community.”

“Our new partnership represents a true meeting of the minds. Captivate and FrontRunner have longstanding relationships with leading landlords driving innovation into their ecosystems. Our value-added is heighted by the joining forces says Nathan Elliott, Founder and CEO of FrontRunner. Together with the talented Captivate team, we look forward to providing unique windows of opportunity for advertisers, brands, landlords and retailers throughout Canada who are focused on immersive media.”

Captivate Windowfront®, powered by FrontRunner Technologies, is the latest in a growing list of product offering from the digital video media brand, targeting high-value consumers across well-matrixed locations. Captivate’s network offerings include Office, Residential, Ride, Ski and Cross-Device.  Similarly, FrontRunner has been busy expanding its own unique offerings, including its WindowShopping® platform for retail.

About Captivate

For 25 years, Captivate has been the leading location based digital video office network. Known for its vast network of elevator and large format displays throughout North America, Captivate engages millions of modern professionals with timely news, actionable information and relevant advertising placement. Captivate is continuing to leverage this expertise beyond the office connecting advertisers with a highly desirable and difficult to reach audience of affluent business professionals.  Captivate is owned by Generation Partners. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Barb Huggett, General Manager

About FrontRunner Technologies
FrontRunner was founded in Canada by Founder and CEO Nathan Elliott in 2017 to create a new standard of digital media by leveraging High Street retail WindowFronts® to deliver high definition video content. The company provides a robust digital out-of-home content solution for national and international brands looking to hyper-target campaigns, while simultaneously creating a new revenue stream for landlords, brokerages and store owners searching for creative ways to monetize their spaces. WindowFront® is driven by proprietary app, projection, light, and audio technology to deploy vibrant immersive content in retail windows across the globe.

Media Contact:
Nathan Elliott, CEO and Founder