Easy to Own, Turnkey Solution

The CRE industry’s only easy to own, end-to-end office media solution from installation to customer service

Custom Designed

Captivate’s digital solutions are custom designed to fit any décor at any stage of a building’s life cycle:

New construction
Repositioning of an asset
Elevator modernization


Captivate manages all aspects of installation.

Worry-free Installation
No initial investment
 Your preferred technicians & electricians
 Wireless technology
 Custom designed to fit any décor

Customer Support

9 out of 10 Property Managers agree Captivate provides exemplary customer support and service.

99% Network Uptime
 100% Warranty

 Dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC)

 ScreenCenter Training & Support

Digital Display Solutions

Custom designed solutions and services that fit your building’s exact needs provide the ability to transform places of congregation into places of community.

Elevator Displays

HD LED Screens  

•  3 sizes available  

•  Customized finishes

Lobby Displays

HDMI LG monitors

 3 large format sizes  

 1.5″ depth screen

In-Tenant Lobby Display

In-Tenant Displays

HDMI LG monitors  

•  3 large format sizes  

•  1.5″ depth screen 

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