Enable Effective Tenant Communication


Screen Center™ is Captivate’s easy-to-use online tenant communication messaging portal enabling
you to truly have a conversation with tenants.


  • Replace wasteful, outdated, ineffective means of communication

  • Custom design your own messages in minutes
  • Ensure high readership
  • Communicate across portfolio of buildings
  • Determine message reach and frequency
  • Build a sense of community amongst tenants
94% of Property managers believe ScreenCenter is a valuable tool for their building
84% of Property managers believe Captivate improves building communication

Enable Retail Tenants to Drive Business with Captivate Create

Check out our self-service portal enabling your retail tenants to promote their business via easy to use

templates and schedule their messages to air in Captivate buildings close to their business.

Post personal messages to co-workers or friends

Employee Greeting

Advertise my small business in local Captivate buildings

Local Advertising

Customer Support Info (NOC).


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